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disponibile in 3 versioni (nero, giallo e verde oliva)


 “ROUGH AND ROWDY WAYS” in 3 versioni: nero, giallo e verde oliva


Venerdì 17 luglio,ROUGH AND ROWDY WAYS” (Columbia Records), il nuovo album di inediti di BOB DYLAN già disponibile in formato doppio CD e in digitale, uscirà anche su DOPPIO VINILE in 3 diverse versioni: nero, giallo e verde oliva.


Rough and Rowdy Ways”, pubblicato a 8 anni di distanza dal precedente lavoro, ha ottenuto grandissimi consensi da parte della critica, che ha definito l’album come un capolavoro e una delle opere più forti del repertorio di Dylan, e da parte del pubblico di tutto il mondo, debuttando nella Top 5 di 14 Paesi (4° posto della classifica FIMI/GfK Italia). Il disco è entrato direttamente al secondo posto della classifica americana, raggiungendo il traguardo del più alto debutto di Dylan in questo paese dal 2009 e del 18°album in studio dell’artista ad entrare nella Top 10 degli Stati Uniti.

Composto da 10 tracce, ROUGH AND ROWDY WAYS” è stato scritto e composto da Bob DYLAN e vede la partecipazione dei musicisti Charlie Sexton (chitarra), Bob Britt (chitarra), Donnie Herron (steel guitar, violino e fisarmonica), Tony Garnier (basso) e Matt Chamberlain (batteria). Il disco, missato da Chris Shaw con la collaborazione di Joseph Lorge e masterizzato da Greg Calbi, annovera anche la presenza dei musicisti Blake Mills, Benmont Tench, Alan Pasqua, Fiona Apple e Tommy Rhodes.


Questa la tracklist di Rough and Rowdy Ways: “I Contain Multitudes”, “False Prophet”, “My Own Version of You”, “I’ve Made Up My Mind to Give Myself to You”, “Black Rider”, “Goodbye Jimmy Reed”, “Mother of Muses”, “Crossing the Rubicon”, “Key West” e “Murder Most Foul”.


Bob Dylan ha venduto oltre 125 milioni di dischi in tutto il mondo e “Rough And Rowdy Ways” è il suo 39° album in studio. È anche il primo disco di inediti da quando Bob Dylan è diventato l’unico cantautore a ricevere il Nobel per la Letteratura nel 2016, un premio a lui conferito dalla Swedish Academy per “aver creato nuove espressioni poetiche all’interno della grande tradizione della canzone americana”. Negli ultimi 23 anni ha realizzato 7 album in studio, un lasso di tempo che include anche la registrazione, nel 2001, di “Things Have Changed”, realizzata per il film Wonder Boys e vincitrice di un Oscar e di un Golden Globe; l’autobiografia divenuta best seller internazionale, “Chronicles Vol. 1”, che ha trascorso 19 settimane nella lista dei migliori best seller del New York Times e che recentemente è stata definita da Rolling Stone come la più grande autobiografia rock di sempre. Bob Dylan ha anche ricevuto l’Officier de la Legion d’honneur nel 2013, il Sweden’s Polar Music Award nel 2000, un Dottorato dall’Università di St. Andrews in Scozia e numerose altre onorificenze.


Su “ROUGH AND ROWDY WAYS” è stato detto:



A testament to his eternal greatness…. Rough and Rowdy Ways might well be Bob Dylan’s most consistently brilliant set of songs in years: the die-hards can spend months unravelling the knottier lyrics, but you don’t need a PhD in Dylanology to appreciate its singular quality and power.

Alexis Petridis – The Guardian


True to form, Dylan surprises yet again by delivering a late-career masterpiece with Rough and Rowdy Ways.  It’s a moody, reflective, meditative, befuddling, funny and awe-inspiring turn for the Nobel Prize winner. Rich with biblical and pop culture references, at its core “Rough and Rowdy Ways” is a record on the borderline of this world and the next, wherever or whatever that may be…. The wait was worth it.

Scott Bauer – AP



It’s not merely the novelty of new Bob songs that offers comfort in this black swan moment, it’s a set of songs that provides inspiration when it’s in short supply. Call it a vaccine against culture’s shrinking expectations and the subsequent sapping of spirit. Or just call it great music…. Contradiction has always lived comfortably in Bob Dylan’s work – more evidence of the vast scope of his artistic vision. What’s extraordinary is how it continues to expand, containing multitudes no one else thought of.

Michael Simmons – Mojo


A savage pulp-noir masterpiece…. A word of advice: Don’t mess with Bob Dylan, who, at 79, rips, snorts and cackles through his new album like a man with something — or absolutely nothing — to prove…. Rough and Rowdy Ways rolls out one marvel after another.

Mikael Wood – Los Angeles Times



When Dylan embarked on his musical journey as a young man in the Sixties, he forged an almost completely new type of song, open and multifarious, that became a new kind of standard…songs that defiantly inhabit his own myth, shifting perspective between his idiosyncratic views on the world and the world’s views on him.  Almost 60 years since we first heard from him, the old protest singer is still composing extraordinary anthems for our changing times.

Neil McCormick – The Telegraph


**** ½

Rough and Rowdy Ways is his first batch of new songs in 8 years, and it’s an absolute classic—it has the bleak majesty of latter-day Dylan albums like Modern Times and Tempest, yet it goes beyond them, tapping even deeper into cosmic American mysteries…. his creative vitality remains startling—and a little frightening….But he refuses to rest on his legend. While the world keeps trying to celebrate him as an institution, pin him down, cast him in the Nobel Prize canon, embalm his past, this drifter always keeps on making his next escape. On Rough and Rowdy Ways, Dylan is exploring terrain nobody else has reached before—yet he just keeps pushing on into the future.

Rob Sheffield – Rolling Stone



With ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways’, he’s produced arguably his grandest poetic statement yet, a sweeping panorama of culture, history and philosophy peering back through assassinations, world wars, the births of nations, crusades and Biblical myths in order to plot his place in the great eternal scheme…. It would be foolish indeed to assume that ‘Rough and Rowdy Ways’ is Dylan’s last word, but it’s certainly a historic address.

Mark Beaumont – NME



Truth is the talisman, tell it like it is. And that is what Dylan does…. Rough and Rowdy Ways is exceptional.  If it were a painting, I’d call it a masterpiece.

Will Gompertz – BBC


Rough and Rowdy Ways, an album that somehow manages to sound like nothing [Dylan] has ever done before, and that looks back across a long and hard-fought life while still insisting on always looking forward…. The songs reveal an astonishing intensity and hunger, and a consistency that marks the album as one of Dylan’s major works…. What leaps off of Rough and Rowdy Ways is Dylan’s blazing sense of purpose and focus. The man is not bullshitting. It comes through, full of humor and rage and heartbreak, in every word as they are written and sung.

Alan Light – Esquire


Rough and Rowdy Ways hits hard.  [It’s] a gruesome, crowded, marauding album that feels unusually attuned to its moment…. Dylan’s vast and intersectional understanding of the American mythos feels so plainly and uniquely relevant to the grimness and magnitude of these past few months. As the country attempts to metabolize the murder of George Floyd, it is also attempting to reckon with every crooked, brutal, odious, or unjust murder of a black person—to understand a cycle that began centuries ago and somehow continues apace. What is American racism? It’s everything, Dylan insists. Indiana Jones and J.F.K. and Elvis Presley and Jimmy Reed—nothing exists without the rest of it. None of us are absolved, and none of us are spared.

Amanda Petrusich – New Yorker


Bob Dylan is a heavyweight champion. Five stars aren’t enough for his new album, Rough and Rowdy Ways. The album is a masterpiece, and a masterclass in lyric-writing in league with Dylan’s – and therefore anyone’s – best…. Dylan is on fire lyrically throughout Rough and Rowdy Ways, offering up ten songs as dense in imagery and flawless in craftsmanship and quality as any of his long career…. Perhaps the lesson in Rough and Rowdy Ways is that inestimable light can come from the dark places, once again making Dylan the voice we need to hear, just when we need it most.

Jeff Slate – The Daily Beast

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